Digressions and Distancing.

This continues to be a very strange time and I don’t feel much like writing generally.   Sadly I feel too distracted for reading.  Mostly I feel better outside working on the beach and weeding out front when the weather is nice.  Only taken a few short walks, a couple to the post office to mail bills and a few birthday cards.

Yesterday morning, I walked through our “centre” of town and it was quite deserted.  Mondays are usually quiet, a lot of the stores in our town close on Mondays in general, maybe because they are open on Saturday for more foot traffic.

Seemed a lot more desolate and I could hear the seagulls calling out to each other — and I got this weird prickly feeling because I wrote a short story years ago, where the lead character was in a war zone, watching a medical transport come in and hearing seagulls.

Working from home is a blessing,  I am glad I am no longer having to argue for my safety or the safety of the three people that I supervise.

My remote access is limited, and I was not able to take an official office laptop home — and I’m glad I did not for a couple of reasons.  First, I have my own vision problems so I need a big screen and I wasn’t going to lug home a monitor as a few well meaning individuals suggested — I would be afraid it would get damaged on the train and bus, etc.  They also said I could take it in a taxi or rideshare and the office would pay me back — but I felt it was unsafe — people driving could be still working with the Covid-19 without symptoms and you would be in close proximity in a car.

Maybe I was over anxious but I started cleaning  and wiping down and our office on my own, when colleagues returned from Australia via Tokyo and Northern Italy in late February.  This was the time the United States Federal Government wasn’t really taking Covid-19 that seriously and the few quarantines and measures that were put in place were not handled well.  We were not booted onto telework until 3/13/20 with only a single day’s notice, but there were still issues about mail coverage and myself and the people I supervise coming into do on site coverage.

The other reason I ‘m glad I did not agree to an office notebook or take home my desktop PC, is I don’t think I could set up a PC and/or laptop and hack into my wi-fi, at home on my own because I’m basically a Mac person and always will be.

Without an official office computer I’m restricted and don’t have office VPN which folks are complaining about being slow, etc.  Our IT said they are working on a “work around” concerning VPN for users on non-office computers and to get us more access.  The people I supervise are all on non-office computers as well so I am hoping they will come through for us but only time will tell.


#VirtualJaneCon Schedule March 28 & 29, 2020 — via Drunk Austen/ReBlog free online programs!

We’re stuck at home and feeling lonely with all this social distancing, so what better way to perk up than a virtual Jane Austen conference? It’s a way for us to be together without being together irl, and continue to learn and bond over Jane Austen, literature and the Regency Era. See below for more! […]

Free event but asking you to donate to local JASNA chapters. When?  March 28 & 29, 2020 times/listings re: Pacific Standard time for the different programs posted will be via #VirtualJaneCon Schedule — Drunk Austen

Jstor article on Emma — Heroine or not?

Interesting article on JSTOR —  debating if Emma is in certain terms actually the heroine of her own namesake novel.  After reading Austen’s letters I think Emma is a heroine, one Austen took certain pains to construct in a pointedly different way from her previous major and lead female characters.  In fact, she may have been the nicest Regency “mean girl”  ever.  Link/URL is below.


March 21, 2020–Strange Configurations & Trying not to panic during a pandemic.

Digression–Things I find on the Beach, et al. 3/21/2020

Things I find on the beach

Last week, on Saturday I went out to perhaps do some touch ups on the wall and found the strange configuration in the photo above.  I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be my best guess is someone made a ring out of my granite and rocks up against the old part of my seawall and had gathering over kindling both from the wood I’ve been picking up off the beach flats and also twigs from the trees — the wind keeps knocking a constant supply down.

The whole thing was kind of eerie.  I removed the bricks, stones and granite because they are all mine, and sadly these  granite rocks cost me more than my graduate degree.  There is no natural granite on Boston Harbor beaches most it was sourced from New Hampshire by my seawall contractor or as I like to call it “up in the Shire.”

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