Persuasion — Off Broadway via Theater Mania dot com

Short article/profile by Theater Mania dot com — New Off Broadway production of Austen’s Persuasion. Link/URL Below

Chawton House Podcast: The House Restoration with Adam Knight.

Via JASNA/Jane Austen Society of North America: “The House Restoration with Adam Knight” (Chawton House): In this podcast, architect Adam Knight (son of Richard Knight and the new owner of the freehold) talks about his work restoring Chawton House in the 1990s and his hopes for Chawton today. A selection of his photos and drawings from the project are also posted on the podcast webpage.” See URL/link below —

Big Town, Insistent Revolutions: On the Rich, Kaleidoscopic Lives of New Yorkers in (Literature — Literary Hub)

Reblog via LiteraryHub/Lithub dot com — Vince Passaro is a great writer a former professor I was fortunate to study with in college.

“He entered the park at the North Gate and swallowed mouthfuls of the heavy shade that curtained its arch. He walked into the shadow of a lamp-post that lay on the path like a spear. 1,659 more words

Big Town, Insistent Revolutions: On the Rich, Kaleidoscopic Lives of New Yorkers in Literature — Literary Hub

Book Review: Miss Austen by Gill Hornby.

This novel, Miss Austen, by Gail Hornby is an interesting addition to the Jane Austen Universe as I call it — all the books that are inspired by bits and pieces mostly — missing from Jane Austen’s life or the record we have of it.  First, this novel focuses on Jane Austen’s older sister Cassandra.  The novel’s action toggles between an older Cassandra and a young woman.  It explores the loss of her fiancee Tom, her promise to him, and the relationship she had with her almost in-laws as well as her relationship with him.  This story was an interesting point of view of the relationship between the sisters, the impact and the twists of faith on both siblings inspired I believe by the gaps in Jane Austen’s letters which has mystified and frustrated both readers and scholars now for many years.