Via JASNA Oct. 2018: “Reading with Austen: The Virtual Godmersham Park Library.”

“I am now alone in the Library, Mistress of all I survey.”

All text via JASNA October 2018:

“Jane Austen wrote these words in an 1813 letter to Cassandra during one of her visits to Godmersham Park, the estate of her brother Edward Austen Knight. Thanks to the work of The Burney Centre at McGill University, Canada, and Chawton House, we can now survey the Godmersham Park library ourselves–or at least a digital version of it–by visiting the Reading with Austen website. The library was recreated based on a handwritten catalog of the Godmersham Park collection, which was begun in 1818 to record the volumes in Edward’s library and their locations on the shelves.

Visitors to the virtual library can explore the bookshelves and see the works arranged as Jane Austen might have seen them, browse through photos and information about books she may have read or handled, and, in many cases, find links to online editions of the books.”

For more information or virtual browsing see the link below!


Pride and Prejudice Atlanta a new telefilm coming from Lifetime TV.

Lifetime has greenlighted a pair of original movies based on popular novels written nearly two centuries apart. The cable net said today that Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta, a contemporary take on Jane Austen’s early 19th century classic…”

Full Article via Deadline(dot)com via Lithub(dot)com — link below.


Call for Applications: JASNA News Editor deadline is 1/25/19.

Call for Applications: JASNA News Editor image above courtesy/ via JASNA:

“JASNA invites applications from members for the position of editor of JASNA News, the official newsletter of our organization. This is an important role that requires attention to detail, solid writing and editing skills, and excellent organization. The new editor should be available to start with the Summer 2019 issue, which goes into production in early May. The editor works closely with the designer/production manager, reports to the VP for Publications, and is paid an annual honorarium.

We seek candidates with professional experience writing, editing and producing a newsletter, newspaper or other periodical. Candidate must have current proficiency in all computer applications relevant to the job, i.e. MS Word, MS Office, photo and file sharing applications, etc.; experience with InDesign is a plus!

Applicants should submit a resume and writing sample with a cover letter containing the following information:

  • Editorial, writing, and other relevant experience;
  • Knowledge of JASNA and Jane Austen’s works;
  • Ability to manage multiple contributors (members, writers, designer);
  • Budgeting skills and experience working within a budget.
Please submit applications to Erika Kotite,
erika.kotite@gmail.comby January 25, 2019.”

Digression: My own six inches deep in mud — On building a Seawall — Status 10/24/18.

Three (3) weeks ago I had my status meeting/pre-construction
with the clerk from the Town Conservation Commission Kara,
one of her last official duties/she was wrapping up and
heading for a new job in South Carolina,
Zach my structural engineer who
designed the new seawall/plan and
Kevin and Phil from
North Shore Marine/Construction Co.
Kevin said it would be about 3 weeks
before they could start/other things to wrap.
After three weeks/I sent an email status/query
and he replied back midweek this week but
on Friday (last week) I’d get more specifics
from him and then —
So I worked this past weekend
pulling back cobbles and bricks
from the part of our yard sinking
and falling overboard.
Our landscaper assisted for about an hour,
he has cellulitis w/ a wick
and I did not want him to re-injure.
Plus wind/rain, etc.
Yesterday (Tues.) I stayed home in the morning
then on my way out — a couple of guys from North Shore
pulled up. I told them I had not heard back from Kevin —
Phil who came to the pre/mtg. told me
the excavator or machine for digging would
arrive this week either Thurs./Friday
and he asked me about the bricks, etc.
I told him I was working on it
but worried about incoming Nor’Easter combined
with high astronomical tides on Sat. and Sunday.
This morning Kevin, Phil, etc. returned.
Because of storm new target date for equipment
is Monday/Tues. they will keep me posted.
They don’t want to move equipment
in until the tides go down, etc., which makes sense.
I changed plans/called into work
with an update pulling bricks/cobbles
and pushed over two of the spindle tables.
The one my dad made with the seashell inlay fell apart.
I rescued the scallop seashells, marbles, etc.
and took the wood/scrap over to the beach —
DPW or a scrapper already hauled it away.
Back and forth calling/emailing work…
I stayed home again today (Wed.) to pull/bricks, etc.
Not sure about how much to pull back.
Catch 22 with storm/flood tide coming in.
Going back to work tomorrow
working only in the AM/post work.
Theory being brick/cobbles stop the water…
but we have such massive holes on either side of the wall…
I’m not sure how much good they are doing…
plus more feet could collapsed and
they will join the rest of the debris
and be crushed.
After the storm I may have to clear the yard again
because if we flood the force of the wind/water
tends to move around the piles.
Mum met Kevin, Phil, etc. this AM,
so that was good.
She was anxious as always
but I’m hoping for equipment
and start to work at some point next week.

Applications Now Being Accepted for JASNA’s 2019 International Visitor Program. Deadline 12/15/18.

Image & text via JASNA — Jane Austen Society of North America: “Are you working on a specific Austen-related project that requires access to resources in England? If you are a JASNA member residing in the United States or Canada, you are invited to apply for the 2019 IVP grant. Our International Visitor will spend from four to six weeks in Chawton in the summer of 2019 working on a creative or scholarly project, while also using his or her talents to serve the Austen-related institutions in Jane Austen’s Hampshire village.

The application deadline is December 15, 2018. The IVP Committee will make every effort to select next year’s International Visitor on or before February 15, 2019.

Want to know more about past International Visitor projects? Visit the IVP web page and click on the Past International Visitors link for a list of previous visitors and links to articles or blogs about their projects and experiences. Or take a look at these recent reports to get a feel for the different types of projects that have been completed: Teresa Trout’s dissertation research, Amanda Jacobs’s creative project, and Linda Slothouber’s research project.”