This letter or short note, was sent from Jane Austen, writing from Cork Street (in London), but per the notes Cassandra’s address is missing but mostly likely her older sister was at Steventon. Starting with the first line: “Here I am once more in this Scene of Dissipation & vice, and I begin already to find my Morals  corrupted –”  Here we get a typical glimpse of the familiarity of correspondence between these sisters, plus a dose of Austen’s wicked wit.

Jane Austen duly relies news about the weather, specifically the heat, their arrival time, the departures of their brothers Edward and Frank on their new ventures including that Henry had not been at the races.  She then closes with “God Bless You — I must leave off, for we are going out. She had previously mentioned: “We are to be at Astley’s tonight.  Per the notes, this was Astley’s Amphitheatre, near Westminster Bridge: “‘a circus for horsemanship  and other feats of strength and agility,'” also referenced in Emma.

All cites to Jane Austen’s Letters, Forth Edition, edited by Deirdre LeFaye, Oxford University Press, 2011.


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