Recently I finished this memoir, found it interesting, it was set mostly post-Watergate into the 1980’s.  This is the first of her memoirs, Linda Ellerbee has apparently written two (2) other books now look forward to reading.  Remember her most recently from the kids news show “Nick News” on Nickelodeon.  More faintly as a kid growing up, but mostly remember her voice.  If you need reminding what she sounds like, she is the narrator doing the voice over at the beginning of the film “Baby Boom” with Diane Keaton — describing the modern, working women of Wall Street in New York City — women of a certain time and age.

In, “And So It Goes,” Ellerbee has a lot of stories about starting out, learning basic journalism on the fly at a small radio station, the jump to television, the politics of working in network news, traveling and also the grind of working as a White House Press Correspondent.

Ellerbee has her own type of “wicked wit,” and even mentions loving both these television shows:  “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” and “Murphy Brown” and she had a cameo on the latter.  We all swooned watching that episode of “Murphy Brown.”  In college, we binged watched it before it was trendy, calling it “Murphyfest.”

And think she is a bit of a Janeite due to this sentence and nod to the first line of Pride and Prejudice —  about one of the major overnight news programs she anchored–NBC’s “Overnight” in response to CNN’s 24 hour news launch: “After the first program, we held a few truths to be self-evident, if slow to sink in.”*

*Cite from: “And So It Goes” Adventures in Television by Linda Ellerbee, Berkley (paperback) edition 1987.



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