Bit of a late holiday wrap up I know.  December was busy with the usual holiday preparations of gift shopping, wrapping, shipping and mailing as well as baking and decorating and shuffling of the furniture and plants to make room. My two breaks were attending the Jane Austen tea and The Christmas at Pemberley performance.



My cousin visited from California with his wife and two daughters six and three (also my cousins), so we did a bit of extra holiday decorating and Rudy came down from the attic and stood watch at the front door.  And my mum has now touched up his “nose” with red paint.



They came and had Christmas Day dinner with us and returned on the Friday to have a bit of time with my mum in her art studio.  I set up the easels for them to use.

My mother did her “draw the Egyptian cat” lesson.


The older girl drew the cat.


The younger one just a lovely design.


It was wonderful time.  I wish I had all their energy but just as Austen enjoyed her younger relatives during visits so did I.


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