This weekend we are having two (2) rounds of snow.  Today, the snow is just tapering off and starting to melt and freeze into “sleet.”  Which is heavy to move.  So I have already cleared the front walk and side walks and the front part of the driveway.  Next up to tackle the car and the backyard — for my mum to turn the car around because she fears backing out of our driveway.  And I fear the condition of the asphalt pavement of our yard which I’m hoping will be fixed/repaired this spring/summer.  We ran out of time last year.

Shoveling snow is not a fun task but it is expensive to pay someone and also our driveway and yard are not in great shape.  I don’t think most contractors would really take care and so I’m doing it myself.  Most days it’s not so bad not counting sub zero temperatures and wind.  Also it is generally quality time for me to do some thinking about my writing or other things rattling around in my mind, but it can make you tired and also take a toll on your physical exterior — here are some snow beauty tips.

Stretch first, nothing fancy. Simple stretches, turn your head, roll your shoulders, stretch your legs up against the wall and do some upper torso bends–only as far as you can go.  There is a lot of bending at the knees — so get ready.

Wear good waterproof boots.  I used to wear black Timberlands via my ex. My first pair were awesome still made in Italy but the second pair not so much — I fell a few times and have since broke up with Timberland.  I have boots from Canada called Toe Warmers one pair for shoveling and the others are more of a regular walking boot.  Both are waterproof and I love them.  My aunts gave me holiday gift money this year so I got new ones because I’m hard on shoes in general plus the salt from the snow and seawater in our yard when it floods, tends to also deteriorate things a lot faster.

This may sound counter intuitive but wear sunscreen. Yes, before you layer up on the clothes wear sunscreen even on darker storm days.  The atmosphere isn’t what it used to be and the bad rays get through whether you are shoveling snow or sun bathing.

Prep your skin.  I find hydrocortisone cream not ointment is good for the face especially for when the wind is intense.  It is usually not that expensive and easily found in chain pharmacies and stores, at least in the U.S.  Let it soak in while brushing teeth, then I put on my foundation or base which has sunscreen.  If it’s below zero and really dry I also put eye cream under my eyes and let that soak in too.  Then I dab a moisturizer with sunscreen on top, corners of my eyes, my frown line between my eyes and my neck.  I tend to have oily skin so I mostly use oil free moisturizers.   Sometimes I forget but it’s probably good to cream elbows, knees and rough patches and feet before you get dressed to go out especially if it’s extreme cold.

Wear sunglasses to shield your eyes if it is a sunny day & protect from glare off the snow.

Don’t forget lip balm.  Doesn’t have to be fancy.  I tend to avoid the ones with menthol, camphor and mint because I find them drying but that is just me.

Take breaks.  Try to rest about an hour between rounds of shoveling.  Have coffee or tea to warm up and hydrate with water to keep your energy up.

Shower or bathe, post shoveling — it helps with muscle aches and then you can cream your skin again to lock in moisture and soothe it.  Again, my skin and hair aren’t as oily as days gone by, but they still produce a layer of oil that protects me from the elements.

Optional — rest and curl up with good book until next batch of snow.



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