My dad always used to clean the beach and I do what I can now.  It’s amazing to me how much trash washes up in our little bay from Boston Harbor.  Forget tea — I found this Christian Louboutin stiletto (shoe) last year, it was in the marsh grass with the heel facing up — at first I thought it was a beer bottle.  This is a picture right after finding, on the dryer in the cellar — it was covered in algae and it took awhile but my mum and I cleaned it up.


Clearly it was real — see photo of the famous red sole below.  And so I suggested post cleaning — a project of my mum converting it into a doorstop or a desk/paperweight for her breast cancer surgeon.

IMG_0211My mum’s surgeon/doctor is a fan of wearing high heels but not in the operating room! And on one post surgery appointment, she showed us the famous red soles of the Louboutin shoes she was wearing that day.  It took a while but my mum converted the now clean — orphan shoe over into a desk/paper weight for her and gave it to her at her check up last week!

IMG_0529My mum used glass floral display beads to fill the shoe, and weigh it down.  She decorated it with the pink spangled trim and the breast cancer pin/ribbon symbol.  Her surgeon loved it.

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