Endings tend to be difficult for me.  Especially if I like my characters.  It’s been over a year since I started this book and I’m trying not to rush the ending but I also want some finality if you will.

Last week I wrote a horribly sad ending from the point of view of my third lead character — son of my lead male character.  I tweaked around the tense/narration and thought after a few other options playing with the idea of luck, chance and fate — in different versions for each character.  Struck that but typed out an ending that took the lives of both my lead characters — it reads realistically like a realistic but dark ending.

And I’m rethinking it now, having the third lead character/son do the wrap and have these events take place but my characters survive them — a little worse for the wear, etc.

Still trying to figure this all out.

And an update — I kept the ending, but shifted things a bit for a silver lining regarding the son of my male lead character — pulling together the idea of fate, timing and how things might be meant to be…or not.

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