Seven Year pens are made by Seltzer Goods (dot) com.  Originally based in New York City they relocated to Asheville, North Carolina.

First bought Seven Year pens at independent bookstores including The Harvard Bookstore (not affiliated with Harvard University) and Brookline Booksmith and others, that stocked them along with their offering of quirky stationary supplies.

These pens all feature different designs and colors — I bought one for a special birthday for a friend that said “Ciao” and one for my aunt who loves peacocks.  Actually I was first gifted a pink one with an owl from a friend from college — she had sent me a little care package from the Strand Bookstore in NYC.

Started to give these pens out at work to our fellows and volunteer attorneys and to other attorneys I worked with who left our office for other ventures.  The ink is supposed to last 7 years so I sort of say: “You need to check in if the ink runs out and I’ll get you a replacement cartridge.”

And I try to pick a fun design to match the personality of the person.

The design and styles change.  The newest “Girls can do Anything” — I’m keeping for some birthdays of special cousins and children of friends going into the difficult pre-teen and teen years.

Sadly many bookstores don’t seem to stock them any longer.  At my last check Brookline Booksmith was still keeping a good selection, but I don’t get out there often anymore, so to stock up I order from Seltzer Goods directly.

Photo above was my last order but we just had a run of people retiring/shifting and being promotion to different parts of the office so I’m down stock and will have to re-order again!

If you are a fan of these Seven Year Pens let me know!




3 thoughts on “Digression: On Seven(7) year pens.

  1. You share every joyful detail of your life with such innocence. That is a rarity. I too bought one of my favourite pens – Add Gel Achiever – after years and this article was relevant to the way little knick knacks stay with us. With pens, it’s a personal ideal lasting through years.

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