There’s a heat wave or summer has officially started, and think it may be a combination of both.  I’m trying to stay happy and calm that the book is finished except for polishing.  I’ve been reading nonfiction and poetry as I write, but it will be great to start reading the piles of fiction that are waiting for me especially the lighter summer reads.  First up, though I’m treating myself, and re-reading Persuasion by Austen.   I always think of Persuasion as a summer book because it is set partly in Bath and Lyme, but perhaps that is just me.

My mum though wanted a book for her hairdresser’s son’s birthday.  He is turning eight (8) and I’m unsure of reading level and interests.  I met her at our local indie bookshop/coffee bar in town after a bank errand yesterday and there didn’t really seem to be an age/theme appropriate book for him.  So last night I popped by Barnes and Nobles because I was meeting friends nearby for dinner and then we went to see the play: Tea at Five with Faye Dunaway playing Katherine Hepburn — she was amazing.  It is bound for Broadway soon I think.

But I digress, I was able to buy a few books at Barnes and Nobles and my mum is going to give him the bio of the great baseball player Roberto Clemente!


This morning, I watered the flowers early, even though downpours and storms are expected later on today and tonight.  Then I slipped out and back to the bookstore to buy The Red Balloon — this is an adaptation of the beloved book into a stage play!IMG_0541

Read it over and over and took it out many times from the children’s library in our town.  And seeing the film in grade school remains a happy memory.  I saw it yesterday and returned today to buy it.  While I was there I stacked up on some other books for age appropriate gifts for my younger cousins, and children of friends.  I’m not sure what I will do with this version of The Red Balloon — I may save it for a special gift or donate it.

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