For fans of the television show this is a wonderful immersive experience.  We went for my mum’s birthday!   The location:  The Castle at the Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA, US, formerly an armory. All photos are by me — some are dark because no flash was allowed.  Photo of the entrance is below. IMG_0586

No spoilers here but the exhibit is quite large.  But our favorite section was the set recreation.  Here is one view of the kitchen.  Leaving the rest for interested people to see and experience for themselves when they visit.


Mum in the kitchen.


Carson’s study nook with chair and bookcase.


Carson’s desk corner with ledgers and that “new-fangled” telephone.


Many of the wonderful fashions, costumes and wardrobe from the show.


Dresses 2.


Dresses 3.


Bouquets and accessories from several weddings and occasions.


Close up of the calla lily bouquet — my mum also carried calla lilies.


Another beautiful dress/gown costume — evening dresses worn at dinner — and this is just a small sampling of all the wonderful costume/wardrobe pieces on display.


The dining room — in all its splendor.


Detail of the fireplace in the dining room/set.


Case of jewelry and accessories.


Jewelry detail one


Jewelry detail two


Case of hats.


Purple hat detail.



Last photo of hats.


Last photo of dresses.


If you are a fan there is a lot more to see and experience — again not disclosing spoilers.  The tickets were a bit high but it was a gift/outing for a birthday so it was worth it.  If you are not a fan and want to get interested for the upcoming movie — this will an enjoyable outing as well.


One thought on “Digression — Downton Abbey the Exhibition — (This photo: Books in Carson’s Study).

  1. This is so delightful. I haven’t seen much of the the series but I think you made your Mum’s birthday truly special. What a splendid exhibition and additionally you shared all the fervour of the event with us, which is absolutely marvelous. Thank you.

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