Our cellar is just that a cellar it certainly isn’t a basement with carpet or finished walls.  Part of the cellar is actually a converted garage that was enclosed under what was a originally a porch which was also enclosed.  This is the part of our house and yard most vulnerable to major storms and coastal flooding from the ocean (Boston Harbor).  For the most part our cellar is dry but not as much as before — our old dryer had a pilot light I think that is what dried out the air — the new dryer not as much.  Also our cellar is still very crowded with my dad’s old tools and other things he kept.  We keep making little dents in clearing out things trying to give things that are suitable away/make donations or recycle what isn’t wanted — it’s an ongoing project.

Last year I sent an old  Ferry Seed Company sign that wasn’t in the best of shape to the Detroit Historical Society because the seed head company was once located there — I researched this all first.  I’m not sure they repaired or kept it/or sold it or recycled it but I signed a donation form and felt like it went to a good place.  There is so much more to do and just sweeping the cellar and trying keep it dry and clean is a challenge.

My dad covering our cellar in silver insulation — which makes me think of Warhol’s infamous factory in the 1960’s.  The “Silver Factory” was one of several large studios that Warhol had during his time working and living in NYC but also the most infamous not just for the films shot there that pushed a lot of boundaries but also for the drug activity.

Today, I spent the morning repair the insulation over the cellar window on our staircase down — the insulation was popping and I pulled off old duct tape and tried to refit it as best I could securing it with duct tape and another silver shiny tape — I found — which I think is some sort of insulation tape.

The insulation up in our attic is also coming down in parts so I may have to go up on a ladder to re-tack it with this silver tape or another type of waterproof tape that I like.  Recently I had a roof repair done and the repair guy didn’t think it looked too bad — I had him take a look out the attic window to repair the roof over the enclosed rooms/former porches that got torn up.  He said the roof/beam where the insulation looked good — I hope he was being honest about that.  We have to clear out the attic too — but my goal is the cellar first — bottom up strategy if you will.

On a different closing note and a little update — as I previously wrote that Warhol quote is on the patio belonging to a former restaurant located at the Ames Hotel in Boston — recently Suffolk University in Boston (I am an alum) purchased the Ames Hotel and the plan is to turn it into a dorm — right in the middle of the city.  So I have a feeling the Warhol quote won’t be staying much longer and I’m glad I took this photo when I did.

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