On October 16, 2019, my mom and her artist friends and colleagues from the Winthrop Art Association (WAA) had an official opening/reception for their exhibit outside the State Senate Chamber in the Massachusetts State House.  The picture on the headline (above) is my mum along with Dawn Mahoney, pictured with our State Senator Joseph Boncore. We had a nice crowd of WAA members, family and friends, and I attended as well to take some photos and see everyone, and a couple of my attorneys popped over as well which was very sweet of them.  (All of the photos posted here are mine/taken by me.)

My mom is the founder of the WAA, and someone I think Dawn our current/ongoing WAA present probably put together this summary about the history of the founding.


All of the paintings were chosen by the staff of our State Senator, Joseph Boncore’s office.  My mom entered the same painting she did for the 2019 festival and it was accepted.


Here is one of Dawn’s lovely and intricate pen and ink illustrations of our former Narrow Gauge Railroad Station, now part of our town’s history and lore.


The Martelli family is very talented.  Below is one of Matthew Martelli’s amazing black and white seascapes — often from afar they look like photos.


This is a landscape of nearby Revere Beach by Mark Martelli — Matthew’s twin brother.  Yes they are identical twins  and both very talented artists!  Revere Beach, to be noted is where my parents met and fell in love working at the former Arcade Bazaar — a huge discount store owned by the notorious Louie Fox.


It was a lovely reception, Senator Boncore was very gracious and took pictures with everyone in the Senate Chamber, and afterwards, his staff had coffee and a nice selection of fruit, cheese and crackers and pastries for everyone.

IMG_0624The exhibit remains open in the hall outside the chamber on the third floor of the State House until the end of November.  It is open to the public — everyone is welcome to stop by and see it.

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