March 21, 2020–Strange Configurations & Trying not to panic during a pandemic.

Digression–Things I find on the Beach, et al. 3/21/2020

Things I find on the beach

Last week, on Saturday I went out to perhaps do some touch ups on the wall and found the strange configuration in the photo above.  I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be my best guess is someone made a ring out of my granite and rocks up against the old part of my seawall and had gathering over kindling both from the wood I’ve been picking up off the beach flats and also twigs from the trees — the wind keeps knocking a constant supply down.

The whole thing was kind of eerie.  I removed the bricks, stones and granite because they are all mine, and sadly these  granite rocks cost me more than my graduate degree.  There is no natural granite on Boston Harbor beaches most it was sourced from New Hampshire by my seawall contractor or as I like to call it “up in the Shire.”

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