Elizabeth Etta passed away on May 5, 2020  — unknown if it was Covid-19 related, she had many serious and chronic health issues.  Her mother Holly was a great advocate for her daughter, and will continue to be for others, and they were able to raise awareness of this issue for many of the other children/young people with serious medical issues that need ppe for the visiting nurses–and it was wonderful the Harvard Business School Students were able to assist.

Update 4/23/20–Harvard Business School students coordinating a supply network/donating the PPE updated link/story here! #thankyouharvardbusinessschoolstudents


Boston’s NBC 10/Comcast aka NBC O&O Station,

did a story a few days ago, on a friend of our family,

Holly and her daughter Elizabeth/Lizzy.

Lizzy has severe medical issues requiring

24/nursing care, but with the severe #PPE shortage, she is at risk along with many other medical fragile children.

Holly asked me to pass along their story in the hopes of raising awareness/sourcing donations for PPE.

Thank you for your time, and you are welcome to share it over email, twitter, post on social media, WordPress, please spread the word, etc. Thanks very much.

Link to story below, Dena


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