New version/forthcoming of Pride and Prejudice?

(Photo credit BBC/Telegraph,UK)

From the Ladies over at Jezebel(dot)com–citing Radio Times, apparently the producers of Poldark BBC/PBS in the US — are thinking of a new, darker type adaptation. Here is a link:


Excerpt: Jane Austen The Secret Radical by Helena Kelly (upcoming book).

Essay/excerpt about Jane Austen including: her life, previous Austen biographies re: their sources, problems with documentation, her letters, and also the large influence of media/adaptations of Austen’s books, and various other subjects.  Little bit long for standalone excerpt/essay — via the site — Lithub — Excerpt from the book: Jane Austen The Secret Radical by Helena Kelly — URL:

And a little update  — the ladies/folks, over at are also kicking around some theories about this coming book as well as — Sense and Sensibility and Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vindication of the Rights of Women.

Here is the URL/Link– —