Margaret Atwood: Chocolate Chip Wheat Germ Muffins (Reblog from Paper and Salt dot org)

Just made these muffins for a 2nd/time — I swapped out wheat germ for ground flaxseed & success! This blog Paper and Salt dot org — is worth a look…even though it is no longer active/updated.

Paper and Salt

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My apartment contains a painful secret. It sits on the shelf right above the stove. At first glance, you’d probably never notice—if you did, you might even make an admiring comment, not knowing the personal shame it carries. These are the cookbooks I’ve collected over the course of 10 years, from the one I got after college (Slow Cooker Revolution) to the one I got last week (Green Kitchen Stories). And even though they seem beautiful, with their full-bleed photos and heavy matte pages, my mortification builds as the stack grows. Because I almost never cook from them.

Every time I buy a new cookbook (and I do, of course, despite everything), I ask myself why this shelf remains largely untouched. I love entertaining, so why am I not a person who hosts Ottolenghi-inspired dinner parties? I eat dozens of macarons, so why have I never made…

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